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Pvc dwv is easy to install and is joined by solvent cementing or threading. These fittings include elbows, sanitary tees, wyes, couplings. Pvcdwv pipe and fittings pvc sewer pipe pvc schedule 30 dwv thin wall 3. Dwv adapters dwv bushings dwv combinations dwv couplings dwv crosses dwv elbows dwv increasers reducers dwv plugs dwv repair couplings dwv tees dwv wyes home. Check out how tigre can offer a solution for your job. Pvc schedule 40 pressure fittings our full line of quality schedule 40 pvc plastic fittings are designed to meet most all residential, industrial and irrigationagricultural needs. Pvc pipe fittings provide a noncorrosive, chemically resistant solution to joining pipes. In general, is there a handbook that describes these fittings and explains why you would use one over the other. Repvcpvc schedule 40 pipe with recycled content and pvc dwv fitting system 14. The smaller sized fittings are made by molding, while larger and less common fittings are. A smooth interior wall provides free flow and helps prevent scaling. This specification covers pvc pipe in schedule 40,80, and 120 for pressure applications. The pvc dwv cap features a hub connection to fit over the end of a pipe to create a seal.

Pvc cement is sticky like glue, but it actually melts plastic, creating a weld between pvc pipe and a fitting. Pvc cement bonds pipe together, so if it is used on threaded joints, it will make a seal, but the threads will become useless. Plastic fitting catalog nibco pdf catalogs technical. Pvc dwv pipe and fittings pvc sewer pipe pvc schedule 30 dwv thin wall 3. Our complete product line ensures the economic and time critical benefits of single source and supply. Drain, waste and vent fittings made of polyvinyl chloride pvc. Pipe and fittings updated april 6, 2020 plastic dwv pipe and fitting dimensions all products manufactured by charlotte pipe and foundry company are proudly made in the u. For strength, durability and quality, our abs dwv fittings are second to none. Abs dwv pvc dwv repvc dwv pipe with recycled content. Pvcdwv drain, waste and vent fittings are used for residential and commercial sanitary systems. Dwv fittings are used most commonly in plumbing applications where a continuous smooth media flow is very important. Vinidex prides itself on using only the best quality raw materials when manufacturing dwv pipe systems. Below you will find pdf s of our drawings categorized by the type of fitting. Manufactured to astm standards and nsf certified, durable and lightweight.

Dwv fittings dwv fittings are used for drainage, waste, and venting in residential and commercial sanitary systems. A wide range of pvc dwv pipe and fittings in size from 112 to 12. Lasco is the largest international provider of pvc and cpvc, fittings used in plumbing, heating, air conditioning, hot and cold water, irrigation golf and other fluid. Pvc dwv fittings are typically used for drainage and effluent piping and rainwater leaders for buildings such as parking garages or from roof tops in commercial and industrial applications. Pvc schedule 40 solid wall pipe and pvc dwv fitting system.

Astm f 1866 covers pvc schedule 40 drainage and dwv fabricated fittings in 4. Lasco is the largest international provider of pvc and cpvc, fittings used in plumbing. Tigre offers innovative solutions for pvc fittings across several industries. Dwv pipe and fittings are used in drain, waste, and vent applications and are designed to fit inside a 2 x 4 wall.

All products meet and exceed industry standards and come with a quality guarantee. Pvc dwv fittings april 1, 2020 supersedes c20210117 january 2, 2017 our website pricing is the current list price and may vary from our printed price list. These fittings are not designed or tested to handle pressure. Drainguard is a dual containment piping system using. Pvc is one of the thermoplastic materials most frequently specified for a variety of products used in the pipe and fittings industry. Dwv fittings are designed specifically for continuous flow patterns with no restrictions in the piping system.

Product category catalog couplings hub x hub these fittings offer rigidity with resistance to chemicals and corrosion. Pvc pipe fittings pipe fittings grainger industrial supply. Pvc fittings are solvent welded to pvc pipe using pvc cement. Dwv fittings are used for drain, waste and vent applications only. If you are going by the international residential code, you are limited on what types of fittings you can use for sanitary. Pvc 3in x 3in x 3in 90degree pvc schedule 40 hub with left side inlet fitting. This system is intended for pressure applications where the operating temperature will not exceed 140 degree fahrenheit.

The economic advantages of vinidex dwv pipes and fittings, combined with their light weight, ease of installation and reliable performance, makes pvcu the material of choice for. Pvc pipe and fittings 2016 catalog solvent weld pvc pipe mti part number description 3 wp12160sw 11. Do not use oil based putty or pipe joint compounds with an abs products. Polyvinyl chloride pvc is the most frequently specified of all thermoplastic materials because of its light weight, durability, and costeffectiveness. Pvc dwv fittings are used for residential and commercial sanitary systems. Abs cellular core foam core pipe and abs dwv fitting system. Pvc plastic fittings schedule 40 do not recommend to service or test with compressed air part number size in. Pvc dwv fittings have a tight elbow and a sweep elbow. Pvcdwv fittings are used for residential and commercial sanitary systems.

Pvc pipe and fittings 2016 catalog mti distributing. Fittings for gravity sewer and drain and wastewater. The main reason people use threaded parts is so that they can be taken apart if necessary. Schedule 40 dwv drawings fabricated pvc pipe fittings. Dwv fittings generally come in larger sizes than standard schedule 40 pvc fittings and use hub connection ends in addition to standard male pipe thread, female pipe thread, etc. Pvc fittings exhibit high corrosion and chemical resistance and will not rust, scale, pit or corrode. F 409 applies to pvc tube and tubular fittings used for accessible waste traps and connections.

Xirtec140 pvc p n nn corzan cpvc p p n abs dwv nnnn system 15 dwv p n nn system xfr dwv ppnp drainguardtm dual containment system 636 pvc pnnn system 636 cpvc ppnp blazemaster cpvc ppnp 24 is not permitted some limitations apply. Abs and pvc dwv plumbing system short form specs schedule 40 abs pvc dwv pipe and fittings drainage system 87k pdf. Pvc piping products are not recommended for use with compressed air or gases. Multi fittings offers a wide range of injection molded and fabricated schedule 40 dwv fittings for the sewer market. Cpvc hc adpt female 502838 12 25 cpvc hc adpt female 502840 34 25 cpvc hc adpt mip. Pvc dwv fittings, spears pvc fittings, dwv fittings. Dwv elbows are designed to not restrict the flow of fluid and solids through the drainage system. Get free shipping on qualified nibco, pvc fittings products or buy online pick up in store today in the plumbing department. A good way to seal threaded joints and keep them working is to use ptfe thread. Specification for poly vinyl chloride pvc plastic pipe, schedule 40, 80, and 120 scope. Pvc sewer fittings, pvc schedule 4080 fittings, pvc pip fittings, pvc ips fittings, pvc heatair fittings, pvc agricultural fitting, pvc ciod c900. Only use pvc abs cpvc pipe or fittings for water or approved chemicals.

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