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This document describes a number of example projects for zelio logic smart relay in the ladder and fbd programming languages. Lowcost programmable logic controllers for the frugal. Compare idec smartrelays siemens logo to other pacs, plcs and programmable relays. See online help of the programming software for more information. This smart relay system allows users to process digital and analog input signals, as well as logic functions and timer modules. Zelio soft programming software for pc sr2 sft01 smart relay pc connecting cable l 3m sr2 cbl01 eeprom memory card sr2mem01 zelio users guide for direct programming on the smart relay sr2man01 4 voltage supply no. Now supporting windows 7 32bit and 64bit operating system. Windlgc is the exclusive programming software for the idec smartrelay using windows. Relays have been the traditional building blocks of control since the 1950s. Ls xgb plc programmable logic controllers factorymation. Free plc software download free software from the major. With either device, it will take time to be efficient with the programming software.

Think differently about programmable relays three families make up the easy relay product line. Both plc and programmable relay software provides the tools to program the. Each smartrelay is equipped with 4 relays or transistor outputs. Altech has been serving the automation and control industry since 1984. Smartrelay is a compact cpu that can replace multiple relays, timers, delay relays and counters, having a total of 8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs, could be added modules to reach 24 digital inputs, 8 analog inputs and 16 digital outputs, it is a very good alternative for low cost applications, and. Guide to the manual we have subdivided this manual into. The system can process from 16 to a maximum of 48 io signals, with two extension modules. The idec smartrelay is the ideal solution for managing automatic lighting, access control, watering systems, pump control, or ventilation systems in factory or home automation. Ecostruxure lets you thrive in todays digital world.

With a nanosized footprint, our bulletin 2080 micro810 programmable logic controller systems function as smart relays with highcurrent relay outputs, but with the programming capabilities of microplcs. With lcdtype cpu units, the system software version can be read by selecting othersystem information from the menu. Sg2 plr programmable logic smart relay factorymation. These controllers support 12 io points with 4 high current relay outputs 8a for smart. Simple application controllers the alpha2 smart relay controller provides a reliable solution for basic control. Program creation, simulation, and documentation are easy to accomplish with drag and drop functionality. Now, lets start understanding the working, different functions, and operations of both plc and relay in detail top 12 difference between plc and relay based controller. The programming software easysoftpro for easy800 with smartwiredt has been extended with the smartwiredt configurator.

Still in wide use for simple control or power conversion, styles include electromechanical general or special purpose relays such as high power or hazardous location styles, as well as solidstate relays. Our allencompassing solutions for industry are designed to make your machines smarter, faster, more flexible and more reliable. Displays the parameters and uploadsdownloads the compatible applications. There are 4 pushbuttons, del, alt, esc and ok, which are used to program and operate the unit. Users can work effectively thanks to intuitive operation. Respective oem software windlgc vs smart comfort curious if the programming cables crossover, curious if the software crosses over and what the comparative cost of programming software is. Gic india manufactures programmable logic controller, mini plc, micro plc, smart relay which is a realtime system designed for multiple input and output arrangements.

Plcs are an integral part of automation in industrial applications due to the amount of control they enable in the automation process. Why use a smart relay when you can use a smart pak. Eaton s easy control relay family comprises of intelligent control relays, safety control relays and easy software. This single unit easily provides relay, timer, counter, and time switch functions. Enhance the flexibility of your automation solutions with programmable relays designed for use in a wide variety of scalable applications.

Turn off power to the smart relay before starting installation, removal, wiring, maintenance or inspection of the smart relay. Zelio soft software for zelio logic smart relays sr2 sr3. Another thing that has come a long way is the programming software itself. Zelio soft documents and downloads schneider electric.

Create, simulate, test and save programs in a matter of seconds using drag and drop functions. Each cpu houses a realtime clock and calendar, and supports optional expansion io modules to enhance your control and monitoring applications. Cant transfer programs tofrom a logo via a programming cable. How to modify program data using the smart relay front panel. Program and edit using either the onboard selection buttons and display interface, or our programming software. Design, programming, configuration and commissioning can be achieved quickly and simply using pilz automation software.

Three families make up the easy intelligent relay product line. The lcd screen comes with 8 operation buttons on the front panel to. Its a perfect option for applications such as lighting, air conditioning, security, temperature, and pumpcompressor control. Schneider zelio plc zelio software zelio soft 2 simulation duration. How to program a zelio smart relay chapter 1 youtube. Our software library provides a free download of zelio soft 2 5. System software is the software for processing the cpu units program.

Loads the data from the zelio logic smart relay controllers and manages it by changing various programming modes. Depending on the controller, the programming software will be either available via a free download, or can be purchased for a low price. They offer more than thirtyfive styles that support from 12 io up to a network of up to 320 io points, providing the ideal solution for lighting, energy management, industrial control, irrigation, pump control, hvac and home automation. What you typically find with a smart relay in comparison to a plc is a stripped down version with some basic programming functions, limited program and internal memory capacity and a couple of bells analog inputs. It facilitates program generation, project simulation and documentation which are.

A large product class that is worth mentioning is smart or programmable relays. Includes programming software, selftraining module, application library, and technical instructions. Get smart with the fully programmable idec smartrelay, a compact, expandable cpu that can replace multiple timers, relays and counters. They complete or interrupt a circuit or groups of circuits. It runs under windows and will help you get to know idec smartrelay and to write, test, print out and archive programs independently of idec smartrelay. Programmable relays are similar to plcs but arent as powerful. Features a function to print the documentation found within the package as well. Smart relays help to cut the cost of controls engineer live. Also, is it possible to have the display either the textdisplay attachment or the onboard display show a. Plc has more advanced functions as compared to manual work hardware relay base. These are the main reasons, why the industries are shifting to use plcs over the relay. We are a master distributor and valued added reseller of teminal blocks, miniature circuit breakers, enclosures, strain reliefs, interface modules, motor disconnect switches, safety relays, push. Idec windlgc smartrelays programming software distributors.

With the automation software from pilz, you are applying innovative software solutions for automation. In front panel programming with 240 lines, program memory is stored in two banks. Eaton easyrelay control relays easysoft programming. Idec idec fl1epc2 smartrelay usb programming cable. Programmable logic controllers plcs operate by receiving data from sensors or other input devices, processing that data, and creating output determined by guidelines programmed into the device. The relays are replaceable, which means there is no need to shut down the system and rewire between control and interface levels. For true convenience, smartsiren platinum offers four easily programmable inputs for other functions, such as emergency lights, and has fourteen relay outputs, giving the user more control and flexibility. Programmable logic controllers are used in industrial and commercial sectors. These relays feature a realtime clock and calendar, plus 29 different function blocks for easy problem solving. Using the configurator, the smartwiredt line is created with all smartwiredt devices.

Program and edit using the selection buttons or use the advanced exclusive software. For output signals that might lead to serious accidents, install a control circuit external to the smart relay. Zen v2 programmable relayfeatures omron industrial. Free plc software download free software from the major plc makers. The large round cursor disk is used to move around menus or circuit diagrams and is operated by pressing. Programming software features software is available as a download from the fs website and siren configurations can be created via laptop. Windlgc is a programming software for idec smartrelay built by idec company. It perfectly fits in the space between those individual components and a plc. Versatile functionality in a compact body 70 mm wide. Smart relays, also known as programmable logic relays plrs, are similar to programmable logic controllers and replace traditional relay logic with logic that can be programmed into the device. Traditionally such a control system would have been assembled using relays and timers, but smart relays are a simple, lowcost alternative that offer an additional advantage in that they can be reprogrammed to modify the existing functions or to enable the smart relay to be reused on a completely different application. Windlgc is the idec smartrelay programming software for pcs. Subsequently, the smartwiredt devices are assigned manually or automatically with the operands.

Many companies used to charge a fee for the software. Programming zelio smart relay function a timer in ladder logic. Miniplcsmore than just a smart relay control design. With this combination, we offer you the intelligent solutions in the fields of mechanical engineering and instruments. Idec izumi windlgc smart relays programming software distributors windlgc is the exclusive programming software for the idec smartrelay. Programming altech smart relay with the help of asrsoft configuration software is quite simple, without particular programming knowledge. The examples described in this document are intended for. This is a front view of the moeller easy programmable controller. This programmable logic also provides flexibility by allowing for easy modification based on system needs without rewiring a panel.

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