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Marvel the incredible hulk silver age comic book high. Mark ruffalo might not have been the original hulk in the marvel cinematic universe but four avengers movies and a healthy role in thor. She later became tigra through a mystic ritual that bound the soul of one of the cat people, to her own. Hulk for all the variations of the subject on the site. See more of huntsville comic book pressing services on facebook. After seeing the first published issue, lee chose to change the skin color to green. Besides frequent guest appearances in other marvel titles such as issues of the avengers, the hulk showcased in. View market values for books, store your collection, and meet fellow comic fans. Lee had written each story, with jack kirby penciling the first five issues and steve ditko penciling and inking the sixth. The hulk continues his epic story on planet sakaar. The 100 best comic book characters of all time paste.

Click, for a full list of all incredible hulk comics for sale. This is a nice copy but it has a crease on the bottom right. This is a list of first appearances of artifacts, characters, dimensions, locations, species, and teams in publications by marvel comics. The hulk is a fictional superhero appearing in publications by the american publisher marvel comics. Comic link the online vintage comic book and comic art. In his comic book appearances, the character is both the hulk, a greenskinned, hulking and muscular humanoid possessing a vast degree of physical strength, and his alter ego dr. The hulk awakens on halfworld a planet populated by sentient, talking animals. Opening up 2 comic book mystery boxes and i finally own the important hulk. Vintage incredible hulk comic books collectors weekly. Comiclink is the online vintage comic book and comic art auction destination featuring comic book. The incredible hulk 254 vf 1980 marvel comics 1st ufoes.

There are many other hulk appearances for collectors to seek out, but the ones pictured above are the only really rare comic books with hulk. From the very first issue of pulp impresario martin goodmans marvel comics in 1939, marvel created a mythological universe. I discovered the hulk comic book at the same time i did the television show in the 70s, and to this day when i watch bill bixby and lou ferrigno do their thing, im 9 years old again. Why you should collect and buy incredible hulk comic books. Back in the day, the incredible hulk comic was never one of my favorites. List of first appearances in marvel comics publications. Comiclink is the online vintage comic book and comic art auction destination featuring comic book auctions spotlighting the most desirable cgc graded examples of key comics, as well as comic art auctions featuring the biggest names in comic book illustration from the golden age to the present. The incredible hulk is an ongoing comic book series featuring the marvel comics superhero the hulk and his alter ego dr. It told the story of a nuclear physicist named robert.

First published in may 1962, the series ran for six issues before it was cancelled in march 1963, and the hulk character began appearing in tales to astonish. Top 60 most valuable comic books from the modern age. Users browsing for hulk 1 in incredible hulk usually look at. Get the best deals on she hulk 1 comic books when you shop the largest online selection at. The first appearance and origin of the incredible hulk in the coming of the hulk. The first issue of the incredible hulk, created by stan lee and jack kirby for marvel comics in may of 1962, featured a frankensteinlike creature on its cover with gray skin. Two of the natives, rocket raccoon and wal rus discover him and try to make sense of the hulks presence. Is he the sakaarson, destined to save the planet from its greatest enemies, or the worldbreaker, the legendary destroyer of everything. The history of one of hulks greatest enemies, the abomination, began with the yugoslavian spy known as emil blonsky. This is only for the main covers and doesnt cover any reprints or variant covers. A special, hulksized issue commemorating 100 issues of gammairradiated goodness with two big stories. The incredible hulk is an ongoing comic book series featuring the marvel comics superhero.

The inaugural issue of action comics marked the first appearance of superman and. I have replaced a lot of comics and i am thankful that you offered these comics online. It has been suggested that this article be merged with list of marvel comics superhero debuts. Incredible hulk 1, 1st hulk up 29 places from last year. Nonlicensed hulk products also lack sharp details as they lose features through the molding process using original works of art. Ragnarok later, the actor will go down as the definitive. Shop for 2020 hit parade avengers graded comic edition hobby box series 1 1st app of sgt. Robert bruce banner, a physically weak, socially withdrawn, and emotionally reserved physicist, th. The incredible hulk top ten graphic novels hubpages. Originally i had 500 books in this list, but ive cleaned things up and am currently researching how to fill up my gaps. Its not a huge surprise, seeing and ruffalos bruce banner, also known as. This is the third article in our series, following from most valuable golden age comics and most valuable silver age comics here are the key issues to look for when youre at garage sales yes, they do turn up. Incredible hulk comic books for sale this is the main series of comics titled incredible hulk.

The incredible hulk has always been one of my favorite comic book characters because he kicks butt. Send us details of your comics for a free appraisal. Its the height of the cold war and the government is about to test their new gamma bomb. Jack kirby is widely recognized as one of the most important comic creators of the 20th century. Superman made it all the way to number 1 on igns top 100 comic book heroes. Top 50 most valuable comic books of the bronze age. The hulk is a fictional superhero appearing in publications by the american publisher marvel. Check out which comic book heroe made it to number 1.

Top 60 most valuable comic books from the modern age 1992date. How many hulk comics series have been produced by marvel. Community content is available under ccbysa unless otherwise noted. Script by stan lee, pencils by jack kirby, inks by paul reinman.

The towering, musclebound antihero was a hybrid of two popular comicbook genres. The incredible hulk comic book collection marvel comics silver age bronze age and modern age duration. The hulk got his name from a comic book character named the heap who was a large green swamp monster. The origin of the hulk is retold in this issue as well.

Its believed that 50 to 100 copies of this first issue are still out there. Cocreator of captain america, the fantastic four, the hulk, the xmen, and creator of darkseid, the demon, omac and myriad others, he still cant get no respect. Mark ruffalo is known to comic book movie fans for playing the hulkbruce banner in the marvel cinematic universe, and a big question has been whether or. Created by writer stan lee and artist jack kirby, the character first appeared in the debut issue of the incredible hulk.

The hulk decides that he likes these two critters and helps defend them against a powerful tank called a. Incredible hulk, american comic strip character created for marvel comics by writer stan lee and artist jack kirby. By request, looking at incredible hulk comic books. This only applies to individual comics, all other listings are. The incredible hulks first comic was listed for 12 cents when it hit stands in 1962, but. And other comic book legends revealed and why does batman carry shark repellent. Dc comic books vintage comic books vintage comics comic book covers superman comic old superman superman family superman artwork superman stuff. Other superman rare comic books are listed lower down this page. I had a bunch of comics that were stolen when i was in basic training for the army. Top 10 hulk vs thing battles hulk, first superhero.

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